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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Among \A*mong"\, Amongst \A*mongst"\, prep. [OE. amongist, amonges, amonge, among, AS. onmang, ongemang, gemang, in a crowd or mixture. For the ending -st see Amidst. See Mingle.]

  1. Mixed or mingled; surrounded by.

    They heard, And from his presence hid themselves among The thickest trees.

  2. Conjoined, or associated with, or making part of the number of; in the number or class of.

    Blessed art thou among women.
    --Luke i. 28.

  3. Expressing a relation of dispersion, distribution, etc.; also, a relation of reciprocal action.

    What news among the merchants?

    Human sacrifices were practiced among them.

    Divide that gold amongst you.

    Whether they quarreled among themselves, or with their neighbors.

    Syn: Amidst; between. See Amidst, Between.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., amonges, from among with adverbial genitive. Parasitic -t first attested 16c. (see amidst). It is well established in the south of England, but not much heard in the north. By similar evolutions, alongst also existed in Middle English.


prep. (non-gloss definition: Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. See usage note at amidst.)

Usage examples of "amongst".

So that meseems thou mayest abide here in a life far better than wandering amongst uncouth folk, perilous and cruel.

CHAPTER 26 They Ride the Mountains Toward Goldburg Five days the Fellowship abode at Whiteness, and or ever they departed Clement waged men-at-arms of the lord of the town, besides servants to look to the beasts amongst the mountains, so that what with one, what with another, they entered the gates of the mountains a goodly company of four score and ten.

I think this must be admitted, when we find that there are hardly any domestic races, either amongst animals or plants, which have not been ranked by some competent judges as mere varieties, and by other competent judges as the descendants of aboriginally distinct species.

The abbe being intimately acquainted with them, I gathered from him all the information I required, and, amongst other things, I heard that the young countess had a brother, then an officer in the papal service.

They will find no Pelton, but they will find three women who will swear that, yes, you and your men demanded admittance last night, whereupon you behaved with drunken debauchery, fighting amongst yourselves.

Amongst the shoals of smaller sharks there were at least two dozen of the ugly beasts that the islanders called Albacore shark.

I saw one of them, but he was deep down, amongst the pack of lumbering Albacore sharks.

The Beatles plan to tape several discussion sessions amongst themselves as an album release probably for the fall.

The day was away back in the alcheringa and it had been very still and very hot, and the whole tribe, with the exception of one man, lay amongst the bracken in the shade of big eucalypti and lesser myrtles and other scrub.

Amongst the Central Australian natives there is never any idea of appealing for assistance to any one of these Alcheringa ancestors in any way, nor is there any attempt made in the direction of propitiation, with one single exception in the case of the mythic creature called Wollunqua, Amongst the Warramunga tribe, who, it may be remarked, is most distinctly regarded as a snake and not as a human being.

Our Pinnaces manned, and comming to the shore, we marched vp alongst the riuer side, to see vvhat place the enemie held there: for none amongst vs had any knowledge thereof at all.

Chopin, who was not very intellectual, felt ill at ease amongst all these literary men, these reformers, arguers and speechifiers.

English family and me, and followed each other, as if someone amongst us knew where we were going, up the hill as instructed.

As my cup was drained of daru, with the first question I turned to the board to see to it, my mind still confusedly asearch for that which would avoid battle amongst our own forces.

Telli guessed that there would now be a lot of work for Setisia, Astell and Azgar amongst the Khrelling.