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n. (initialism of adrenomyeloneuropathy English)


Amn or AMN may refer to:

  • Abstract Machine Notation, a formal specification language.
  • Alpha motor neuron (α-MNs), large lower motor neurons of the brainstem and spinal cord
  • Access Media Network, communications media company
  • Ahli Mangku Negara, a Malaysian honour
  • Airman, a low-grade enlisted rank in the US armed forces
  • AMN, a TV station in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia
  • Amn (Forgotten Realms), a fictional country in the Forgotten Realms
  • Amnionless, gene for a protein necessary for efficient absorption of vitamin B12
  • Directorate of General Security, Arabic name of former Iraqi intelligence agency
  • Gratiot Community Airport, Alma, Michigan, US, IATA code
  • Adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare X-linked genetic disease
  • Alianţa Moldova Noastră, a social-liberal political party in Moldova

Usage examples of "amn".

Kamil was congratulating the commander of the Amn Al-Khass unit that had finally overrun the UN assassination team when the whine of an Allison Rolls Royce AE3007H turbofan jet engine passing almost directly overhead made them all instinctively duck.

Office of the Commander, Amn AI-Khass Special Security Service Headquarters Palestine Street, Baghdad, Iraq Tuesday, 29 November 1994 2305 Hours, Local Hussein Kamil was unhappy, almost despondent.

It occurred to him that Qusay and his father-in-law might be considering such a fate for him since he was the ultimate authority to whom the Amn Al-Khass teams reported.

And as the commander of the Amn Al-Khass, he was given the vast resources, both human and financial, of the Amn Al-Khass to run a global arms and technology acquisition network and, along with it, an extensive stable of agents, spies, and assassins.

What Kamil did not mention, for he did not have to, was that f had also personally tortured Fadil al Barak on an almost nightly bas in the bowels of the large, fortress-like, Amn Al-Khass building behind the Palace of Meetings.

You will use only your best and most trusted officers in Amn Al-Khass to oversee this process.

The commander of the Amn Al-Khass sat back down at his desk and put his head in his hands.

As head of the Amn Al-Khass, he usually welcomed this protection, but today he wanted no one to know where he was or what lie was doing.

It will help me to trust you, knowing that the Amn Al-Khass will have the bullets from the gun that killed my loyal and trusted chauffeur.

He would then pass these coordinates to Dotensk, who would in turn give the information to Kamil for his Amn AI-Khass hunter teams.

Now, as the sun crawled above the horizon, Kamil ordered an entire company of his Amn Al-Khass commandos, along with one of his hunter units, to begin a systematic approach to the ISET team.

Meanwhile, the pilots for the two MI-27 HIND helicopters that would have been able to provide support for his Amn Al-Khass troops were nowhere to be found.

Arabic expletives as his best Amn Al-Khans battalion was decimated by the ISET and the F-16s.

Over the speaker atop the radio, the Amn Al-Khass commander could hear members of the security detail talking hurriedly to one another.

I want to talk to the senior Amn Al-Khass officer with the presidential motorcade.