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n. The yellowhammer; (vern yellow bunting pedia=1); ''Emberiza citrinella''.


Ammer can refer to:

  • the upper course of the river Amper in Bavaria, Germany
  • Ammer (Neckar), a small river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, tributary of the Neckar
Ammer (Neckar)

The is a small river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a tributary of the Neckar.

It has its source southwest of Herrenberg. Along the southern edge of the Schönbuch, it flows through Herrenberg, Ammerbuch, Unterjesingen and Tübingen, before it discharges into the Neckar at Tübingen-Lustnau after .

The following rivers join the Ammer:

  • Aischbach (Herrenberg)
  • Kochhartbach (Ammerbuch-Reusten)
  • Käsbach (Ammerbuch-Pfäffingen)
  • Sulzbach (Ammerbuch-Pfäffingen)
  • Enzbach (Tübingen-Unterjesingen)
  • Himbach (between Tübingen and Unterjesingen)
  • Weilersbach (Tübingen-West)
  • Goldersbach (Tübingen-Lustnau)

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Usage examples of "ammer".

Sometimes in the streams which fed the lake of Ntah placer-nuggets turned up, softer than stone ought to be, which after repeated hammering showed similar coloration.

Gradually dividing themselves according to whether they found dark or light more alluring, folk were said to yowl and yammer in imaginary speech.

Every coast that fringed the ocean shattered under the rock-hard water-hammer.

I'm starting to suspect that sooner or later projects like yours and mine will be attackedphysically attackedby people who've completely swallowed this kind of loathsome nonsense and now feel genuinely afraid that if either of us achieves success we can look forward to another hammer-blow from on high.

Its shock-wave ripped half the gas-globes asunder, twisted and buffeted the cylinder worse than a storm at sea, punished Karg even through its tough protective walls with a hammer-slam of ultrasonic boom.

Her mind, he thought, was like a bright dart, and his own more a heavy hammer that had to beat at things before he could understand them.

The terror hammered in her blood, and she held her breath until her ears rang, and she felt dizzy and sick.

This was a dimension of Marguerida he had never considered before, and would not have regarded with as much respect if he had not spent those months at Halyn House, mucking out stables and hammering wooden pegs into drafty windows.

She heard him hammering in the old hut at the back, which served for tools and other things which sunlight and rain did not hurt.

He advised War to lie down "an' 'ave a spell", and in strong agitation he went round the sheep-yard twice, each time stopping to hammer down the hurdles noisily, and calling to War not to "worrit.

Tobacco-less Ned tried further to arouse practical admiration from pouch-full Paddy, by adding that he would ride after this disguised Inspector, "pump 'im dry as a blow'd bladder, an' then 'ammer 'ell outer 'im.

On the high ground in the northwest corner of the grassy area, the silver-haired man hammers stakes in place in a pattern which Hissl cannot determine through the mists of the glass.

When the hammer came down on the empty chamber, Nylan scrambled to the other side of the rock, emerging a moment later.

Beside them Saryn took a small hammer and pulverized the small pieces into dust, and then swept them into one of the few plastic buckets.

She'd also come up with another pair of heavy hammers and a huge chisel, plus, of course, some food.