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For a moment, Sammel continues to look out upon the land beyond the window, where areas of browned grass are beginning to appear through the snow.

As Leithrrse walks toward his mount, and the troops who have waited, Sammel nods and speaks to himself.

So far as we can tell, even if there is a lot of chaos around Sammel, nothing else is happening, and any white wizard is going to gather chaos.

Let Sammel spend his time and energy on removing the first pile of stone.

I did not want to unleash chaos, nor did I want Sammel unblocking the road and opening Candar to the well-armed and effective soldiers of Hamor.

Finally, struggling deep beneath Candar, while fending off firebolts, and feeling torn into pieces, I wrapped my senses around that mass of near molten iron, that reservoir of order that created the Balance and made chaos in Candar possible, trying to guide it upward, toward the channels that Sammel had already used.

The next fireball seemed smaller, slower, showing that Sammel was tired.

The road trembled underfoot in the momentary silence while Sammel wiped his face beyond the haze of smoke and stone dust that separated us.

Even without throwing another firebolt at me, Sammel abruptly turned and began to run, back toward the Hamorian troops.

Wincing at the heat and the pain, I forced more fountaining iron into the twilight sky, until heat and molten stone rained down on Sammel and the Hamorians.

Despite the growing heat and the pile of already cooling iron lava, Sammel still persisted, and his shields held off the chaos and the heat that surrounded him.

I thought he was saying that I dropped a mountain on Sammel, but he could have been talking about anything.

Hendro looks to the tall man, who nods, and then extends the knife to Sammel.

Antonin, Gerlis, Sammel, Lerris, and that doesn't even include Justen and Tamra.

We'll let Colaris and Berfir fight it out, and I'll take a squad after Sammel personally.