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Amis may refer to:

  • Amis (surname)
  • Amis people (or Amis), a tribe of Taiwanese aborigines
  • Amis language, an indigenous language of Taiwan
  • AMIS (ISP), an Internet service provider (ISP) in Slovenia and Croatia

The acronym AMIS may stand for:

  • Association for Music in International Schools, an association "dedicated to the promotion of excellence in all levels of music education."
  • African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS)
  • American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS)
  • AMI Semiconductor, designer and manufacturer of silicon chips
  • Atari Message Information System, known as "AMIS" and was Bulletin board system for 8-bit Atari computers
  • Audio Messaging Interchange Specification, a method to move messages from one voice mail system to another
  • Adaptive Multimedia Information System, a software program used to read DAISY Digital Talking Books
  • Alternate Multiplex Interrupt Specification - a method of sharing a software interrupt by many TSR programs
  • Abandoned Mines Information System, a database containing abandoned and inactive mines in Ontario, Canada
  • Agricultural Market Information System, an initiative by the G20 states to analyse and forecast the situation on the global agricultural market.

AMIS is an Internet service provider (ISP) in Slovenia, providing nationwide solutions for more than 105.000 domestic and business users with leading electronic communications and entertainment services. Company is situated in Maribor and Ljubljana.

Amis (surname)

Amis is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • B. D. Amis, American labor and civil rights leader
  • John Amis (1922–2013), British music critic and broadcaster
  • Kenneth Amis, composer and tuba player
  • Kingsley Amis, British novelist
  • Martin Amis, British novelist, son of Kingsley Amis
  • Rufus Travis Amis, American entrepreneur
  • Stephen Amis, Australian film producer and director, cousin of Martin Amis
  • Suzy Amis, American actress and model

Usage examples of "amis".

I was just sitting there, not stirring, not even breathing, like the pub's pet reptile, when who should sit down opposite me but that guy Martin Amis, the writer.

Fielding, of course, had heard of Martin Amis he hadn't read his stuff, but there'd recently been some cases of plagiarism, of text-theft, which had filtered down to the newspapers and magazines.

Wall Street Journal "Amis is a born comic novelist, in the tradition that ranges from Dickens to Waugh.

San Francisco Chronicle "Amis throws off more provocative ideas and images in a single paragraph than most writers get into complete novels.

Amis has reached such a level of superstardom that his author's bio can understate: 'Martin Amis lives in London.

Washington Times MARTIN Amis THE INFORMATION Martin Amis's books include Money, Dead Babies, The Rachel Papers, The Moronic Inferno, Einstein's Monsters, London Fields, Time's Arrow, and Visiting Mrs.

And above the gray band the hat's slopes were indented in direct answer to the cheekbones beneath and their famished angularity.

A squad of architects had been told to dream the dreams of the contemporary businessman, and to give that dream the weight of concrete and steel: economy of line, public space/private space, dynamism melding into hard-won repose.

As in a naive poem of sorrow and rejection, the gulls of the Gower Peninsula, their famished cries weakly audible, drift and turn above the bay.

New York To my father First Vintage International Edition, April 1991 Copyright © 1989 by Martin Amis All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.

The famished desperation, the neck-ricking bolts and snaps, the coruscating saliva.

But all kinds of considerations including squeamishness, another kind of amour propre, and the thought of all the mess it would leave - combined, as always, to stay his hand.

To further this delicious calibration he slightly bent and parted his legs, urging himself forward half a famished millimetre.

It was true that you did see signs of uniformity (one nation), all the people wearing off-white smocks and pink, gymkhana-sized rosettes, like that family over there, four of them, in perfect-family formation, man and woman and boy and girl, each with the squeamish smile of the future .

It would be a relief to be done with Love: this famished sampling of erotic thought would never ease his hunger pains.