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Aminu is a Hausa language name. People who share this name include:

Aminu (Assyrian king)

Aminu had been the twenty-sixth Assyrian monarch of the Early Period of Aššūrāyu (Assyria) according to the Assyrian King List (AKL). Aminu is listed within a section of the AKL as the last of the, "kings whose fathers are known." This section (which in contrast to the rest of the list) had been written in reverse order—beginning with Aminu and ending with Apiashalaltogether ten kings who are ancestors”—and has often been interpreted as the list of ancestors of the Amorite Šamši-Adad I ( fl. c. 1809 BCE) who had conquered the city-state of Aššur. The AKL also states that Aminu had been both the son and successor of Ila-kabkabu. Additionally, the AKL states that Yazkur-el had been both the predecessor and father of Sulili.