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init. 1 action message format, a proprietary protocol for object remoting. 2 Ammanford railway station, from its National Rail code. 3 Arab monetary fund. 4 adios, motherfucker, a mixed drink variant of the Long Island iced tea. 5 autorité des marchés financiers, a financial institution supervising the French financial market , or its Quebec counterpart that shares the same name. 6 attacking midfielder, in Association Football. 7 Australian militia force, a forerunner to the Australian Army Reserve. 8 Afghan military (or militia) force, the American name for Afghan soldiers from Hamid Karzai's government, or from local militias allied to Afghanistan's central government.


AMF may refer to:

  • Action Message Format, a protocol for object remoting
  • Additive Manufacturing File Format, a protocol for 3D printing
  • Afghan Militia Force, as designated by various U.S. government agencies
  • African Monetary Fund, will be an African Union financial institution
  • Against Malaria Foundation, a charity that raises funds for mosquito bednets
  • Alphamethylfentanyl, one of the first widely distributed designer drugs, responsible for the implementation of the U. S. Analog Act.
  • American Machine and Foundry, a recreational equipment supplier
  • Ameriflight, an airline with ICAO code AMF
  • AMF, airport code for Ama Airport in Ama, Papua New Guinea, from its International Air Transport Association
  • AMF Bowling Center
  • Ammanford railway station, from its National Rail code
  • Anhydrous Milk Fat, Anhydrous milk fat is 99.9% pure milk fat made from fresh cream.
  • arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, a symbiotic fungus present in up to 80% of vascular plant roots worldwide.
  • Arab Monetary Fund
  • Asociación Mundial de Fútbol de Salón (World Futsal Association), an international futsal governing body
  • Atlantic Music Festival, an international music festival in the United States
  • Attacking midfielder, in Association Football.
  • Australian Military Forces, forerunner to the Australian Army Reserve
  • Autorité des marchés financiers (France), French financial regulatory agency
  • Autorité des marchés financiers (Québec), Canadian province of Quebec financial regulatory agency
  • Aviatsiya Voenno-Morskogo Flota (Russian), the air-arm of the Soviet Navy from 1918 to 1991
  • Authorization for Use of Military Force
  • AMF or AMF2 - Aloha Music File