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AMEE can mean

  • Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe
  • Association for Medical Education In Europe
  • Autonomous Mapping Evaluation and Evasion, a robot in the 2000 film Red Planet
  • Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine in Climate Change

Usage examples of "amee".

No one who has not tried it can fancy what work it is to find one's way along a road on which a whole corps d'amee is marching with an enormous materiel of war in a pitch dark night.

If anyone would understand that reference and make the right connections, it ought to be Amee Vandervort, a woman with forty years of experience in gengineering, biomechanics and related fields, and administration.

He looked directly at me, and my knees went weak, the way Amee says hers do whenever she sees Roc or Jerm or nearly any boy.