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init. 1 Age-related macular degeneration. 2 (context stock symbol English) Advanced Micro Devices

AMD (disambiguation)

AMD often refers to Advanced Micro Devices, a semiconductor manufacturer. It may also refer to:

  • AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, a German fashion school
  • Acid mine drainage, an ecological problem concerning very acidic water resulting from mining
  • Age-related macular degeneration, a disease of the eye
  • Aircraft Manufacturing and Design, a manufacturer of airplanes
  • Algorithmic mechanism design, a field of economics
  • Alliance for a Democratic Mauritania, or Alliance pour une Mauritanie démocratique, former Mauritanian opposition movement
  • AMD 65 Automata Módosított Deszantfegyver (Automatic Modified Descent), a variation of the AK-47 rifle from Hungary
  • AM Directional Specialist, a professional title regulated by the Society of Broadcast Engineers
  • amd, the Berkeley Automounter, a daemon on Unix-like operating systems
  • A Modest Destiny, the webcomic by Sean Howard
  • Armenian dram, a monetary unit of Armenia, abbreviation code derived from ISO 4217
  • Asynchronous module definition, a JavaScript API
  • Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Hyderabad, India
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad, India, from its IATA airport code

Usage examples of "amd".

Js eamditandt i td icomlonoexs aer amd G w aparJs eamditandonlwecr, lHowycre you?

The Other One came right up to the Pooka amd mounted right behind me, wrapping his long arms around me.

Suspended alternately on his arms and then on his one leg, he pushed upwards, amd the rope slithered up after him.

After arriving in South East Asia aboard the carrier USS Hancock in November 1965, he flew ninety-seven combat missions in his A-4 Skyhawk amd was shot down on June 17, 1966.

Once Reave, the Minstrel Boy, Renatta, amd Blaisdell had settled themselves in its stern, the galley was quickly cast off and the epsilons hauled on their oars.

Her body also turned to dust, amd above it, the statue of the Goddess began to do likewise.

Sangs-rgyas-rgya-mtsho, Tibetan Grand Lama, formidable amd somewhat sinister exponent of Tantric kungfu.

He wrote, Bng hld bi Ig no amd ppl, and then the message appeared to become incoherent.

SANGGE Chinese name for sDe-srid Sangs-rgyas-rgya-mtsho, Tibetan Grand Lama, formidable amd somewhat sinister exponent of Tantric kungfu.