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n. (context informal English) An ambidextrous person.


A former village, Amby is now a neighborhood (part 25) of Maastricht, in the Netherlands, located about 4 km northeast of the center of the city.

From January 2, 1839 to July 1, 1970, Amby existed as a separate municipality.

In November 2008, an amateur archaeologist discovered in a field 2 meters out of Amby the largest ever found Celtic gold and silver treasure in the Netherlands. Archaeologists from Maastricht and the VU University Amsterdam recovered 70 silver and 39 golden coins which dates back to the 1st century before Christ.

Usage examples of "amby".

But the strength of our salvific power was staggeringly impressive, and I was determined to make certain of the identity of the wizard-or god-who had provided young Amby with the wondrous cloak.

Grateful as I was for the help that Merlin-or the power claiming Merlin's name had provided through him, I preferred then-and still do-to conduct my life as much as possible well out of the heavy surf, not to say avalanche, of occult forces that seemed to accompany Amby wherever he might be.

Vivian, with the cloak pulled tight around her shoulders, as Amby had been wont to wear it, murmured in a delighted voice that now she could see behind her closed lids a good supply of food and fire, furs and weapons.

But for some reason neither our passing selves nor the versions of Amby and Guthorm with them could see us or hear us.

And what happened to Amby and Guthorm, and the men in the other boat who went with you?

And then Amby took leave of us for a time, saying it was necessary for him to have his own private conference with Merlin.

We parted at the branching of the ways, and Amby, looking deter­mined, turned down the small passage leading to the Old Man.

Natu­rally, adolescent Amby was going to fight on our side too, and we depended totally on him for our success, but his efforts would be confined to a different plane, that of magic and illusion.

We came here, Jandree and Flagon-dry and myself, running for our lives, along with Maud and Amby and Vivian-and Ivald.

According to Amby it was vital above all to make sure that Comorre could not carry the Table or any of its chairs away.

Only when that had been done could the infant Merlin, Amby, be safely born.

Jake said to Amby, his duty as a father now discharged, "that maybe this is the smartest thing you ever done.

 CHAPTER 4 OZMA USES THE MAGIC BELT Omby Amby had returned to his post at the Gates of the Emerald City , and  Ozma and the Shaggy Man had retired to the Chamber of Magic.

When they reached the gates of the Emerald City,  the Shaggy Man ordered the Sawhorse to stop while he, with the aid of Omby  Amby, a bright new nail and a hammer, proudly restored the Love Magnet to  its position over the entrance to the city.

A short time later, Betsy, her devoted companion Hank the Mule,  and Toto arrived at the gates of the Emerald City and were greeted by Omby  Amby, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers.