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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ambusher \Am"bush*er\, n. One lying in ambush.


n. One who ambushes.


n. an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack

Usage examples of "ambusher".

If there was an ambusher or two up above, this was where they would try to make their kill.

Longarm pleaded, not really expecting that the preacher would do anything more than rattle the ambusher and perhaps give Longarm a chance to escape back down the slope to good cover.

The ambusher shot Dan in the shoulder, spinning him completely around.

When the ambusher realized his mistake and stood up to try to get a better line of fire, Longarm opened up with both barrels of his shotgun.

Longarm actually saw the ambusher lift completely off his feet and then fly backward as if he had been jerked over by an invisible chain.

It was clear that this was where the ambusher had been living, and it took only a few minutes to see that there was a good supply of food, although mostly just coffee, flour, and dried beans.

The Winchester kicked against his shoulder, and through the haze of powder smoke that spurted from its muzzle, he saw the ambusher go flying from the back of the horse as if he were a puppet being jerked around by a puppeteer in a giant Punch and Judy show.

Longarm did so, leaving out only his conviction that the ambusher had been after him and him alone.

In which case, he decided, the ambushers had to be from Arnoon Province.

What the brigadier did not mention was that he had taken a big gamble that the ambushers who captured the Keutgenses had not already joined the main body when the plasma strike came down.

The Marines were spread out more than the ambushers, and covered two-thirds of the length of the ambush.

In five seconds more than half of the ambushers were out of action, dead or too severely wounded to fight.

Someone howled in pain, and our ambushers screamed war cries intended to freeze our blood.

The ruined door crashed back into the corridor beyond, as Fernandez went full auto, emptying the last of his magazine in a sweep designed to take down any unwanted ambushers guarding the door from the inside.

Four of the ambushers aimed the nozzles of their weapons at Gerlach and sprayed a greenish fluid.