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Ambu may refer to:

  • Ambu Island, off the coast of Mumbai
  • Ambu, Azerbaijan, a village
  • Ambu (surname)
  • Ambu bag, a proprietary name for a bag valve mask, a device to assist a patient's breathing
  • Ambu A/S, Danish company manufacturing medical products, including the Ambu bag
  • Manmadan Ambu, a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film
  • Thacholi Ambu, a 1978 Malayalam film
  • Vil Ambu, Indian Tamil-language thriller film
Ambu (company)

Ambu A/S is a Danish company that develops, produces, and markets diagnostic and life-supporting equipment and solutions to hospitals and rescue services.

Founded in Denmark in 1937 as Testa Laboratorium by German engineer Holger Hesse, Ph.D. who had the ambition of building a business dedicated to product developments which would contribute to the saving of human lives.

The largest business areas are Anesthesia, Cardiology and Neurology in which the most important products are ventilation products for artificial respiration and single-use electrodes for ECG tests and neurophysiological mappings.

Ambu (surname)

Ambu is an Italian surname. It may refer to

  • Antonio Ambu (born 1936), Italian long-distance runner
  • Claudio Ambu (born 1958), Italian football player

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