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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ambon \Am"bon\, n. Same as Ambo.


n. (alternative form of ambo English)


Ambon may refer to:

Ambon (liturgy)

The Ambon or Ambo ( Greek: Ἄμβων, meaning, "step", or "elevate" Slavonic: amvón) is a projection coming out from the soleas (the walkway in front of the iconostasis) in an Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic church. The ambon stands directly in front of the Holy Doors. It may be either rounded or square and has one, two, or three steps leading up to it.

Usage examples of "ambon".

Gold Ambon moved to the ramp and drew her into the scintillating folds of his robe as if to shield her from all harm.

And her reason for being furtive was that she was the daughter of multimillionaire Gold Ambon, and a trifle young for the jaded set.

But her last forlorn glance down from the head of the ramp had been of Gold Ambon standing there in the middle of the black-and-white diamonds of the rotunda, looking up at her with miserable reproachful eyes.

I spoke to the soldiers from Ambon who came to Holland instead of joining the Indonesian army as commandos and paratroopers.

On the far eastern islands like Ambon and the Indonesian portion of New Guinea the people are, in varying degrees, of Melanesian ancestry.

The island of Ambon, with its important airfield, was captured by greatly superior forces.

It also dispatched forces to Ambon, Java, and Dutch and Portuguese Timor.

He had conducted strikes against ships and shore installations at Pearl Harbor, Rabaul, Ambon, Darwin, Java, and Ceylon.

The force carried out pre-invasion air strikes on Ambon on 24 25 January, and on 4 February Soryu and Hiryu aircraft, operating from a shore base at Kendari, took part in a highly effective attack on an Allied surface force of four cruisers and seven destroyers south of Kangeon Island.