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Ambi or Ambi may refer to:

  • Ambi, Iran, a village in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Ambi (village), a village in Maharashtra state, India
  • a Sanskrit term for "mother", especially as a name of Durga
  • a prefix in Latin and in Celtic languages meaning "both"
    • an element in Celtic names, e.g. Ambisagrus
  • the acronym for the Israel Stuttering Association
Ambi (film)

Ambi is a 2006 Indian Kannada film, directed by V. Nagendra Prasad and produced by N Kumar. The film stars Aditya, Manya, Shobaraj and Kishore in lead roles. The film had musical score by V. Nagendra Prasad.

Ambi (village)

Ambi is a village in India. It is situated in Mawal taluka of Pune District in the state of Maharashtra.