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Ambès is a commune in the Gironde department in southwestern France.

It is located at the point, the Bec d'Ambès (Occ. bèc is cognate with Old English '' bæc'' for beck), where the rivers Garonne and Dordogne meet to form the Gironde estuary.

Usage examples of "ambes".

O riche merchants, full of wealth be ye, O noble, prudent folk, as in this case, Your bagges be not fill'd with *ambes ace,* *two aces* But with *six-cinque*, that runneth for your chance.

Transcriber' note: This refers to the game of hazard, a dice game like craps, in which two ("ambes ace") won, and eleven ("six-cinque") lost.

The ambesed, where she now sat in the place of honor, had been constructed by her: the old ambesed continued its existence as a field of fruit trees.

The birth-beaches beyond, the barrier surrounding it, the ambesed which will open to the east so the eistaa, sitting in her place of honor, will get the first warmth of the sun.

But there were no voices, none of the constant talk of the ambesed.