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n. (given name male diminutive=Ambrose).

Usage examples of "ambers".

Depending on how much damage it did as it degraded, we could have cavitation in the main chambers.

All they'd need is a look in his chambers there, sweltering, cigarette smoke you could cut with a knife, must have been a hundred degrees and that Christ awful life size plastic praying hands thing of Dürer's standing there on the window sill upside down like somebody taking a dive, think that's his idea of a joke?

THOMAS (SPEAKING WITH EFFORT, NOT LOOKING AT HER) Out to wake John Israel and Ambers, to pack up your things.

Left alone down there at The Bells with only old Ambers and Emma to help?

Crease, a veteran of almost a half century on the Federal bench and the son of a legendary Supreme Court justice for whom he clerked as a youth, died yesterday in his chambers at the district court here.

With him at the time, he could have picked up the phone right there in the Judge's chambers and called us couldn't he?

He ran the prelim checks, and was pleased to see a very clean board, only a few ambers and one or two reds in a wall of green indicators.

By about the year 3000, they were blowing underground chambers on Mars, in­cluding this one.

She checked her trouble board, and counted five ambers, two reds, and two flashing reds.

He and Winterhart had buried their personal chambers so far back into the living stone that no natural light ever reached there to disturb late sleepers.

Both bedchambers had windows overlooking the cliff, as had the main room.

Despite the white streaks in his hair, her father scarcely looked his age in the low mage-light above the table, and the warm browns and ambers of his clothing disguised in part the fact that there were dark circles under his eyes.

The only concession she had made to Amberdrake's sartorial splendor was to harmonize with his browns and ambers with her own browns and creams.

The colours were so delicate and glorious, rose and iris and flushed pinks and ambers and blues.

Their reserve water tanks were full, their growth chambers properly stocked and balanced.