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vb. (context humorous English) To engage in the professional work of an ambassador.

Usage examples of "ambass".

He was greeted warmly by the First and Laquatus, but the ambassador visibly fumed when he was ordered to stay behind while the Cabalists fetched the sphere.

A small blue dot lurked around the shore just outside the city walls, where Ambassador Laquatus connived and plotted.

Chainer offered the ambassador his hand, and after a conspiratorial smile, he took it.

For the sake of clarity, the locative form of a noun like Ambar should probably be Ambaressë rather than (Ambar-së >) Ambassë, which could just as well be formed from a noun **Amba.

He would be the Cabal's champion, its ambassador, its paragon, and he would spread its influence over the entire world.

Her own subjects were trying to kill her, and Ambassador Laquatus had been mentioned by name.

Veza went to her personal library to review the information on the scroll and anything else she had on Ambassador Laquatus.

One cooled him down with a huge, damp, purple towel, and the other draped a robe around the ambassador's shoulders.

Turg, the ambassador's bodyguard and champion, snored loudly on the floor of the next room.

This is Rillu Veza, Director of the Breaker Bay depot for Ambassador Laquatus.

He played tour guide by pointing out the Mer Ambassador Laquatus, who got an excellent barbarian grunt of disapproval, and Laquatus's bodyguard Turg.

CHAPTER 8 "Ambassador," the human servant said, "Director Veza has arrived.

I received a case of it from the Cabal First himself-" "Excuse me, Ambassador.

The ambassador reached a long arm out and traced a circle on the water's surface.

Like many sea creatures, Veza was immune to all but the most invasive of the ambassador's telepathic probes.