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The American Business Association of Russian-Speaking Professionals (AmBAR) is a non-profit organization founded to support the Russian-speaking professional community in the United States. The organization's headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California.

Usage examples of "ambar".

You, friend Silk, are also Prince Kheldar and sometimes the merchant Ambar of Kotu, and Mister Wolf is called Belgarath, and Mistress Pol is also Lady Polgara or the Duchess of Erat.

Sometimes he calls himself Ambar of Kotuwhen he wants to have dealings that are not, strictly speaking, legitimate.

The relief proved short, however, for the ambar turned out to be some sort of arthropod, something like a gigantic cockroach the size of a lobster, half buried under other ambiguous objects and an oily sauce that had been poured over all.

Bailey Felicia Ambar, Michele Burns, Julia Lawless, and now Kristin, who had departed.

For the sake of clarity, the locative form of a noun like Ambar should probably be Ambaressë rather than (Ambar-së >) Ambassë, which could just as well be formed from a noun **Amba.