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n. (given name female from=Spanish) borrowed from (etyl es en) in the 1990s.


Amaya may refer to:

Amaya (web editor)

Amaya (formerly Amaya World) is a free and open source WYSIWYG web authoring tool with browsing abilities.

It was created by a structured editor project at the INRIA, a French national research institution, and later adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as their testbed for web standards; a role it took over from the Arena web browser. Since the last release in January 2012, INRIA and the W3C have stopped supporting the project and active development has ceased.

Amaya has relatively low system requirements, even in comparison with other web browsers from the era of its active development period, so it has been considered a "lightweight" browser.

Amaya (Burgos)
There are other meanings for Amaya.

Amaya is the name of a village (pop. 67 ) in the municipality of Sotresgudo, Burgos, in Castile-Leon, Spain.

Amaya is mentioned in the Chronicle of John of Biclaro, as a town captured by the Visigothic king Liuvigild in 574.

After the campaigns of Alfonso I of Asturias (739-757) against the Moors, the city lay an abandoned in the largely empty buffer zone between Moors and Christians known at the time as "The Desert of the Duero" and was part of the " Repoblación" (repopulation) effort carried out a century later, during the reign of Ordoño I of Asturias (850-866). At that time it was a more important and significant place than at present.

Amaya seems to have been a short-lived bishopric, which, no longer being a residential diocese, is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.

Amaya (woreda)

Amaya is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Debub Mirab Shewa Zone, Amaya is bordered on the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, on the west and north by Mirab Shewa Zone, on the northeast by Wonchi, and on the east by Walisona Goro. The major town in Amaya is Gindo.

Although coffee is an important cash crop of this woreda, less than 20 square kilometers are planted with this crop.

Amaya (TV series)

Amaya is a Filipino historical fiction and period drama series created and developed by Suzette Doctolero and directed by Mac Alejandre. Dubbed as the very first epicserye on Philippine television, Marian Rivera takes on the title role as a tribal princess born and destined to change a culture and society dominated by men. With Sid Lucero, Mikael Daez and Aljur Abrenica as her leading men, the story is set in the pre-colonial period of the 1500s. The series premiered in the Philippines on May 30, 2011 replacing I Heart You, Pare! on GMA Network's primetime block and aired internationally on June 1, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV. It ended on January 13, 2012 and was replaced by Legacy.

Before the series started, a one-hour primer titled Amaya: The Making of An Epic was aired on May 28, 2011. The show, hosted by Cesar Montano and Miguel Tanfelix, presented behind the scenes of Amaya from the brainstorming of the management including interviews from Jun Lana and Doctolero, the creative minds behind the story with the guidance of historians from the University of the Philippines.

In 2012, Malaysian TV Network acquired the rights to air the show through their network, TV3. It was also aired on CTN-MyTV, a local channel in Cambodia in 2013. The epic series was also available on Viki, a video streaming website where you can watch the episodes in more than 20 different languages.

On March 2, 2015, Amaya was re-aired on GMA News TV and ended on October 20 of the same year. Re-runs of the show are also broadcast on Fox Filipino.

Usage examples of "amaya".

Switching to Spanish, he introduced Maggie to Dani and Amaya Estrada, the owners of the farm.

Head down, Maggie plodded along between Dani and Amaya, her sweatshirt a red speck growing smaller and smaller.

As the last of the omelet disappeared into her mouth, Amaya leaned across, pan in hand.

While she continued to eat, Amaya began beating up dough at the other end of the table, making her version of txurros, the fried crullers Luis had introduced her to when they first met, three months ago.

Diego, starting the engine, slammed his door shut as Amaya came out onto the little porch.

And how about Dani, Amaya, the kids, and all those others you talked about?