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Amarok may refer to:

  • Amarok (wolf), a wolf in Inuit mythology
  • Volkswagen Amarok, a pickup truck made by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
  • Amarok (software), an audio player
  • Amarok (band), a Spanish progressive rock band
  • Amarok (Mike Oldfield album), 1990
  • Amarok (Nargaroth album), 2000
  • Amarok, an album by Francisco López, 2010
Amarok (software)

Amarok is a cross-platform free and open-source music player. Although Amarok is part of the KDE project, it is released independently of the central KDE Software Compilation release cycle. Amarok is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

Amarok (Mike Oldfield album)

Amarok is Mike Oldfield's 13th album, and was released in 1990. Oldfield originally conceived it as an "angry, protest album", showcasing his musical technique. It is presented as a single sixty-minute track of continuous, uninterrupted but constantly changing music.

Amarok (wolf)

An amarok, or amaroq, is a gigantic gray wolf in Inuit mythology, said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike real wolves who hunt in packs, amaroks hunt alone.

Writing in the 19th century, Danish geologist and Greenlandic scholar Hinrich Johannes Rink reported that the Greenlandic Inuit reserve the word amarok exclusively for this legendary wolf, whereas other Arctic peoples use it to refer to any wolf.

Amarok (band)

Amarok, named after the Eskimo word for ' wolf', are a Spanish progressive rock band, with mediterranean and Middle Ages musical influences. The group was founded in 1990 by Robert Santamaría and Lídia Cerón.

The band address environmental issues, and much of their material is recorded using solar powered equipment.

Amarok (Nargaroth album)

Amarok is the second studio album by black metal band Nargaroth. It contains different versions of older songs as well as previously unreleased material.