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Amant may refer to:

  • Saint-Amant (disambiguation), the name of several people and towns
  • Les Amants, a painting by René Magritte
  • Les Amants, a film
  • A name of Lord Ganesha

Usage examples of "amant".

Bade, ne comprenant rien a votre reserve et se disant que vous etiez un amant bien compasse, bien froid, ce que vous appelez, je crois, un amoureux transi.

When Amant, the knight, saw him do that villainous deed, and his squires, they said it was foul done, and mischievously: Wherefore we will do thee no more service, and wit ye well, we will appeach thee of treason afore Arthur.

When King Mark saw he might not be revenged on them, he said thus unto the knight, Amant: Wit thou well, an thou appeach me of treason I shall thereof defend me afore King Arthur.

Then anon it was sprung to the king, and the queen, and to all the lords, that it was King Mark that had slain Sir Amant, and Sir Bersules afore hand.