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Aman (Tolkien)

Aman is a fictional place in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, also known as the Undying Lands or Blessed Realm, it is the home of the Valar, and three kindreds of Elves: the Vanyar, some of the Noldor, and some of the Teleri.

Usage examples of "aman".

Boy King, Aman Akbar commanded his djinn to begin casting into the ether for wives suitable to the station to which our illustrious lord then aspired.

An ambitious yet kindly man with a taste for the exotic engendered by the fashion of the day, Aman specified to his djinn servant that a woman for his harem must be comely and well learned in wifely crafts and also be of noble blood among her own people, but must not be so beloved that loss of her would greatly grieve her kin.

There was further discussion of the sort Aman indulges in when carrying out these quasi-poetic analogies of his, about soft feathers and delicate coloring but even when he is being smooth-tongued and soft-headed he can be acute.

I have become so fond that Aman has declared them my talisman, in particular.

For the great Aman Akbar hast looked upon thee and found thee pleasing, though God alone knows why, and has bidden me to bring thee to him this day.

What was important was that Aman Akbar was waiting for me beside the pool.

I was beginning to agree with the djinn that being chosen by Aman was an unusual honor and I had no wish to respond to such distinction by being disobedient the first time he asked something of me.

Perhaps this was a test of bravery Aman was demanding of me, to face these water demons?

I could already smell the odor of roasted meat and other, unfamiliar scents, that nonetheless conjured up fairly accurate pictures of the steaming platters surrounding Aman Akbar.

But it was certainly suggestive and I had only to look into the eyes of Aman Akbar to know what the suggestion was.

I woke enough to feel Aman Akbar roll over, groaning, to fling an arm across my shoulders.

The strange symmetrical pool in the clearing where Aman had first met me was more to my liking.

I saw no more of Aman Akbar that day or the next, and none of the night intervening.

I found in the room of books, when suddenly I noticed that the pages had begun turning, the lamps were lighting, and, sure enough, down the corridor, the eye-tipped feather fans were waving in salutation as Aman Akbar strode through the arches and pillars beyond.

This modest legacy was left for Aman when his father died, to be his when he reached manhood.