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Amad or AMAD may refer to:

  • Activity median aerodynamic diameter (AMAD), distribution of particle sizes in the context of radiation protection
  • `Amad, village in western central Yemen
  • Amand, Qazvin, a village in Qazvin Province, Iran
  • Amad Al Hosni (born 1984), Omani footballer

Usage examples of "amad".

Lababiti had pulled the Jaguar in front and climbed out with Amad, Derek Goodlin, who was operating the house this evening, had been altered to his arrival.

He was beginning to have his doubts about Amad, but he kept them to himself.

It was resting in the sidecar attached to a Russian-made Ural motorcyclejust like the one Amad had trained on in Yemen.

SOON AS the door to the apartment opened and Amad exited, an MI5 agent passed through the lobby and stared at the elevator button.

Setting the wood-planked section against the wall, Amad entered the closet and shut the door behind him.

After removing the plates holding the round section of floor in place, Amad pulled it up into the closet and tossed it to the side.

Strand and Cockspur Street, Cabrillo pulled up next to the Ural and kicked at Amad with his boot.

Cassidy was reminded of all the backstage fights he had been part of, back in the days when he still had a band: then the times when he was too fucked up on drugs to go out and play, when Jaime and Amad and the session men would haul him away from the mike and into the wings, demanding to know whether he had broken his vow to stay straight for this one gig.

Jaime and Amad have both claimed that your cocaine addiction caused the group to split apart.