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Aly is a rural locality (a selo) in Nizhnebytantaysky Rural Okrug in Eveno-Bytantaysky National District of the Sakha Republic, Russia, located from Batagay-Alyta, the administrative center of the district. Its population as of the 2010 Census was 0, the same as recorded during the 2002 Census.

Usage examples of "aly".

Leaving this place, we entered the next gaming-hall, when our man again bet nineteen dollars alce on the first card.

Again he won, and we went the length of the street, Runt wagering nineteen dollars alce on the first card for ten consecutive times without losing a bet.

Clevilla Hooks, wife of the captain of the First Century: Faja Rinard, whose husband led the Second Century: and Edyth Alexen and Alys Wulnow whose husbands served in the Second Century.

Maeve and I were to help Frain, Alys had said, Maeve my mother who lived across the sea.

Alys Vorpatril probably had even less grasp of the biology, Drou less still, and Kou was downright useless.

Not just Aral and Cordelia, but all the other supporting couples took up and played their symphonic variations on the theme, exploring its complexities: Kou and Drou, Padma and Alys, Piotr and his dead wife, Vordarian and Serg and Kareen, and most strangely and finally, Bothari and the uterine replicator.

A duck maybe, Aly silently countered, pleased yet perturbed that the quacker continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

By then Aly had already spotted the new arrivals: a boy or girl of ten, clad in shearling garments against the cold of the upper air, strapped to a large gray mare with a white mane and tail and huge, bat-like wings.

Alys Vorpatril was widely acknowledged as the premier social arbiter of Vorbarr Sultana, not least because of her frequent duties at the Imperial Residence as official welcomer for wifeless, motherless, sisterless Emperor Gregor.

Quedanga and Aly, make certain everyone hears of what has taken place on Tongkang and Imahyn.

Alys and Jyll both seem from a somewhat indulged back-ground, yet Brede and Shendr seem almost common in background.

As Dove stood, Aly bent close, fussing with the line of her overgown, then followed them out.

Alys was not artistic like Charles, but she had one talent which made her the envy of all her friends, especially those friends who had frequent unexcused absences at school.

These were poor people, Aly noted, with scarcely an unpatched jacket or sarong to their names.

Mistress Alys, you taken up collecting downcountry folk with hay in their hair?