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Alwin is a German and Dutch form of Alvin and may refer to:

  • Alwin-Broder Albrecht (1903–1945), German naval officer, one of Adolf Hitler's adjutants during World War II
  • Alwin Berger (1871–1931), German botanist and contributor to the nomenclature of succulent plants
  • Alwin Boerst (1910–1944), German World War II Luftwaffe Stuka ace
  • Alwin C. Ernst (CPA) (1881–1948), American businessman, co-founder of the accounting firm of Ernst & Ernst
  • Alwin de Prins (born 1978), former competitive swimmer who represented Luxembourg
  • Alwin Hammers (born 1942), German theologian
  • Alwin Karl Haagner (1880–1962), South African ornithologist
  • Alwin Kloekhorst (born 1978), Dutch linguist, Indo-Europeanist and Hittitologist
  • Alwin Korselt (born 1864), German mathematician
  • Alfried Alwin Felix Krupp (1907–1967), convicted war criminal, industrialist, Olympic yacht race competitor
  • Alwin McGregor (1889–1963), dual-code rugby footballer, represented New Zealand
  • Alwin Mittasch (1869–1953), German chemist
  • Alwin Nikolais (1910–1993), American choreographer
  • Edgar Alwin Payne (1883–1947), American Western landscape painter and muralist
  • Friedrich Carl Alwin Pockels (1865–1913), German physicist
  • Alwin Pritchard (born 1968), British composer and broadcaster, Festival Director of Borealis Contemporary Music Festival
  • Don Alwin Rajapaksa (1905–1967), Sri Lankan politician and Member of Parliament
  • Robert Alwin Schlumberger (1814–1879), entrepreneur, the first producer of sparkling wine in Austria
  • Alwin Schockemöhle (born 1937), former German show-jumper
  • Alwin Schultz (1838–1909), German art historian and medievalist, professor of art history at the Charles University in Prague
  • Alwin van der Linde (born 1957), Dutch painter
  • Alwin Wagner (born 1950), West German discus thrower
  • Alwin Wolz (1897–1978), highly decorated General major in the Luftwaffe during World War II