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Alur may refer to:

  • Alur people of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Alur language, the language spoken by the Alur people
  • Alur, Afghanistan, a town in Afghanistan

Alur may also refer to several Panchayat and villages in India,

Andhra Pradesh

:*Alur, village in Nizamabad District

:*Alur, village in Rangareddi District

:* Alur, Anantapur, village in Anantapur District

:* Alur, Kurnool, mandal in Kurnool district


:* Alur, Hassan taluk in Hassan District in Karnataka

:*Alur village in Kundapura taluk

:*Alur village in Chamarajanagr taluk

:*Alur village in Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurga Dist.

Tamil Nadu

:* Alur, Tamil Nadu, a town in Kanniyakumari District


:* Alur, Osmanabad, a panchayat village in Umarga Tahsil, Osmanabad District

:* Alur, Nanded, a panchayat village in Deglur Taluka, Nanded District

Alur (K.M.)

' Alur (K.M.)' is a village in Belgaum district in the southern state of Karnataka, India.

Alur (Assembly constituency)

Alur Assembly constituency is a constituency of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, India. It is one of 14 constituencies in the Kurnool district.

Usage examples of "alur".

She did not see the end, when Alured himself ran a spear into each man.

She could see Alured riding behind his soldiers as they tried to stop those in the rear.

The mercenaries did not participate in the executions and tortures, but they all knew that without them Alured lacked the troops to force so many towns.

Sir Alured Wharton was a baronet, with a handsome old family place on the Wye, in Hertfordshire, whose forefathers had been baronets since baronets were first created, and whose earlier forefathers had lived at Wharton Hall much before that time.

It may be imagined, therefore, that Sir Alured was proud of his name, of his estate, and of his rank.

But the Evil One had been allowed to prevail, and everything had gone astray, and Sir Alured now had nothing of this world to console him but a hazy retrospect of past glories, and a delight in the beauty of his own river, his own park, and his own house.

Sir Alured had come to him at his chambers, and the two old men were sitting together near the open window.

Sir Alured felt that he had not as yet begun even to approach the difficult subject.

There had been a haymaking harvest-home which was supposed to give special occasion for mirth, as Sir Alured farmed the land around the park himself, and was great in hay.

Sir Alured, whose letter from Mr Wharton had been very short, replied as shortly to his cousin.

It so happened that Sir Alured Wharton was up in London at this time with his daughter Mary.

There were present there, with the old lady, John Fletcher and his wife, Sir Alured and Lady Wharton, and Mary Wharton.

Everybody would be told at once, and Sir Alured would never be able to keep it a secret.

For Paks, this was the meat of it: whose side had Alured been on from the beginning?

Then it occurred to him that his cousin, Sir Alured was in town, and that he had better see his cousin before he came to any decision.