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Absalom Pettigrew, the man who invented alumite, or I might say discovered it.

In my letter to your company I stated that I could supply a sufficient quantity of alumite for whatever tests might be demanded.

If your company receives every ounce of alumite in existence and finds that it meets requirements, will they pay my price for the formula?

Clamped between his hands, looking up at him with accusing eyes, was the bronze sprayed face of old Absalom Pettigrew, the real inventor of alumite, the substance in which his own likeness had been perpetuated.

Urged by self-preservation, Steve hurled his only weapon, the alumite bust that had served him one good turn.

All in one lithe operation, the murderer was off into the night, carrying the alumite bust as a bonus.

So why should I mention that I own a quarter share in alumite, the million-dollar metal?

When he sells alumite, as he may have done already, he will have to deliver all there is of it in order to stifle any rival claims.

The Shadow too had seen the empty truck and knew that the side issue of the stolen alumite had become a portion of the major quest, the finding of The Harlequin!

No one could ever dispute his claim to alumite for there would be no loose samples in existence, nor anyone alive to even tell the story.

They had let Walla-Walla be their treasure chest, the container of their priceless alumite, including the last four statues that the hype men had helped carry tonight.

Of the several strangers present, all were stockholders in Associated Metallurgy, the company that had delegated Steve Kilroy to negotiate with Milton Treft regarding the purchase of a wonder-metal called alumite.