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Aluka was an online digital library focusing on materials about Africa. Aluka's mission is to connect scholars from around the world by building a common platform that allows online collaboration and knowledge sharing. Aluka's audience is higher education and research communities worldwide.

Aluka is an initiative of Ithaka Harbors, which is a non profit organization that has a mission of incubating promising new projects that support the use of technology for the benefit of higher education. An assumption of the incubation process is that successful projects will eventually become independent or join larger, existing organizations serving the academic community. In June 2008, the Ithaka and JSTOR Trustees approved a recommendation that the Aluka initiative be integrated into JSTOR.

Founded in 2003, Aluka was an initiative of Ithaka, a non-profit organization based in New York City and Princeton, New Jersey. The initial funding was provided by the Mellon Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation.

The first release of Aluka took place in early February 2007 with preview access to JSTOR subscribers. In Africa, Aluka is free to all academic and other not-for-profit institutions.

The name 'Aluka' is derived from a Zulu word meaning 'to weave'.

Aluka seeks to attract other collections of scholarly interest from institutions and individuals worldwide. By bringing materials together, Aluka creates new opportunities for research and collaboration. Documents and materials that were previously hard or impossible to access are now available for researchers around the world.

Aluka (band)

Aluka is an Australian band, based in Melbourne and consisting of three vocalists Rachael Head, Sally Mortensen and Annabelle Tunley. The band formed in 2008 after the members met studying music performance. Their music is usually classified as a cappella, but is unusual for the genre as they co-write and perform original music, with Pop, hip hop and R&B elements. Also unusually, Aluka's vocal harmonies are constructed without using music theory, often straying from a typical harmonic structure to produce sounds not generally associated with standard a cappella.

Aluka (video gamer)

Peng Zhen-Ming (born February 16, 1995), better known by his in-game ID Aluka, is a Chinese League of Legends profession player for the team World Elite (Team WE) of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). He is a notable player of the Top lane position, renowned for his Sion (A character of League of Legends) play. He has had high achievements both in the Chinese league as well as internationally. Peng, in his prime, has been considered by many analysts and other players in the League of Legends scene as one of the most mechanically skillful players.