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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Altho \Al*tho"\, conj. Although. [Reformed spelling]


conj. (context informal chiefly US English) (alternative spelling of although English)

Usage examples of "altho".

The American critic, altho he limited himself to the single art of literature, dealt with it at large, not distinguishing between the poets and the masters of prose.

Altho this list of six was selected by an Englishman, and Altho it contains the names of two Englishmen, it would be acceptable, one may venture to believe, to the cosmopolitan tribunal, to the heirs of the Latin tradition and to the peoples of the Teutonic stock.

Napoleon, altho he rose to be Emperor of the French, was a Corsican by birth and an Italian by descent.

Polti finds to be infrequent on the modern stage, altho often met with in the Greek theater.

Early in his evolution as a novelist, he might have seized upon it as the promising foundation for an international complication, altho even then he would have attenuated the more violent crudities of the original story.

Shakspere--and of Moliere also, altho in a less degree--is evidenced not only by their eager adoption of an accepted type of play, an outer form of approved popularity, it is obvious also in their plots, wherein we find situations, episodes, incidents drawn from all sorts of sources.

But altho these are successive stages of the primitive beast-fable as it has been modified in Mr.

These stories are not directly derived from the beast-fable, altho his mastery of that literary pattern may have helped the author to find his final form.

There was invention in this early story, and imagination also, altho not so abundant.

Nor was this predecessor Cooper, whom Balzac admired and even imitated, altho Leatherstocking in tracking his redskin enemies revealed the tense observation and the faculty of deduction with which Poe was to endow his Dupin.

In the many years since that first appearance the method has not changed, altho it has probably matured.

Maupassant takes rank among the leaders, altho the sphere in which he observed had its marked limitations and its obvious exclusions.

He must get on without any attempt to point out the morality of his work, which remains implicit altho it ought to be obvious.

II Altho it is possible to consider his stage-technic apart from his teaching, it needs to be noted at the outset that Ibsen the playwright owes a large portion of his power and effectiveness to Ibsen the poet-philosopher.

It is that altho he has seen the world outside and altho he is thereby enabled to measure the smallness of what he left behind, he cannot forget the inhabitants of Grimstad, individually and collectively.