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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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Alt \Alt\, a. & n. [See Alto.] (Mus.) The higher part of the scale. See Alto.

To be in alt, to be in an exalted state of mind.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abbr. 1 (abbreviation of alternative English) 2 (abbreviation of altitude English) 3 A state of excitement, conveyed by a high-pitched voice. n. (context Internet multi-user dungeon English) One of a player's alternate or secondary characters.


Alt or ALT may refer to:

ALT (band)

ALT was a one-off band, featuring former New Zealand band Split Enz frontman Tim Finn, Northern Irish singer/songwriter Andy White and the frontman of the Irish band Hothouse Flowers, Liam Ó Maonlaí, that recorded and played together in 1995.

The band's name was created out of the letters of their first names. They released two albums. The first was the studio album Altitude, was recorded in Periscope Studios in Melbourne, Australia. It had thirteen tracks, and it included references and influences to the musical and cultural traditions in which the participants grew up. The second was Bootleg, a live recording from The Continental in Sydney, Australia. Both albums were recorded and released in 1994-1995.

They toured briefly around Europe after the album was released. Finn re-recorded an ALT song as the title track and first song for his 2001 EP, What You've Done. The ALT version is the second track of that EP. Finn also included his new take on the song in the Feeding the Gods album the same year.

In 2004, Ó Maonlaí joined Finn on stage in Dublin, during a Finn Brothers concert, and they performed one of the ALT songs. The three have worked together on each other's solo projects from time to time.

ALT (album)

ALT is the twelfth and most recent studio album by English progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. It was released 25 June 2012. There are only instrumental songs on the album.

Alt (surname)

Alt is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albrecht Alt (1883–1956), German bible scholar and Protestant theologian
  • Carol Alt (born 1960), American model and actress
  • Ernst Alt, German Roman Catholic priest and exorcist
  • Franz Alt (mathematician) (1910–2011), Austrian-born American mathematician
  • Franz Alt (painter) (1821–1914), Austrian painter, brother of Rudolf
  • Rudolf von Alt (1812–1905), Austrian painter
  • Salome Alt (1568–1633), Austrian wife of Wolf Dietrich (von) Raitenau
  • Susanne Alt (born 1978), German female saxophonist
Alt (film)

Alt is a 2013 Venezuelan science-fiction short film written and directed by Alejandro Hernández. It tells the story of a woman whose perfect life spirals out of control after everything around her starts to mysteriously vanish.

ALT (Vanna EP)

ALT is a cover EP by Vanna. It was released on Pure Noise Records on October 2, 2015. It is their second release on the Pure Noise label.

Usage examples of "alt".

Rose Fuller moved that the address should be recommitted, but no arguments which he, or any speaker that took part with him adduced, could alter the disposition of the house upon the subject, and his motion was negatived by a large majority.

Sleek in some lines and blunt in others, it resembled the F-42, an experimental Air Force fighter unmatched in stealth, maneuverability, and weapons, with a thrust that well exceeded its weight, and aeroelasticity that allowed its wings to alter according to commands from its onboard mesh.

A few of the oldest gowns had been made for young Lysa Tully of Riverrun, however, and others Gretchel had been able to alter to fit Alayne, who was almost as long of leg at three-and-ten as her aunt had been at twenty.

Once he has stepped on the inevitable machinery of fate that will carry him to his bathetic denouement, nothing he can say or do will alter his lot.

Anlagen zum Aufbruch zu bringen bei einem Kinde, das kaum drei Jahre alt ist.

It is a discouraging symptom of the age that such a system should have been so long belauded, and it is a sign of returning intelligence that even he who has been more especially the alter ego of Mr.

Now Crim and Kira were gonna die for her, too, and maybe most or alt of the people she loved here!

Herrschaft des alters zu stellen in jenem Kampf, der so alt ist wie das Leben und erst mit der Welt enden wird.

Zinnsoldaten zu dem alten Mann hinauf, welcher den Vorgang vom Fenster aus mit angesehen hatte.

Gebeine wohl so ziemlich dieselben waren wie seine alten, bedeckte sie jetzt festes, lebendes Fleisch.

Calvary was lunchtime and the coffee shop was packed to the gussets with the usual Natives, alt of whom knew and respected Greta Marie Bowman.

But the exiguous dimensions of a single alt 640 hoister bar could lift only the weight of the cage, a horse, and six adults to a height of one story.

Redden Alt Mer had adjusted their course at once on being informed, and now Mephitic lay directly ahead, a green jewel shining brightly in the midday sun.

Alt Mer spun the wheel that guided the rudders off the parse tubes and fed power down the radian draws to the crystals in steadily increasing increments.

Alt Mer hooded the diapson crystals in response, slowing the power fed by the radian draws, giving the ship over to the wind.