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Alspath (early spelling Ailespede)is first recorded in the 1066 Doomsday Book and was the ancient name of the original settlement in what is known today as the parish of Meriden, Warwickshire situated between Birmingham and Coventry.Translated it means “Aelles path across the heath".

Alspath was held in two main manors. The first Manor of Alspath (overlordship) was first held by Countess Godiva during the reign of Edward the Confessor when she was known as Lady of the Manor of Alspath. The parish church of Saint Lawrence was founded here by Lady Godiva and over the years Alspath became a place for people to go for healing.

The following Lords and Lady's of Alspath, heirs and individuals were:

  • Countess Godiva (1066) Tenant-in-chief (1086)
  • Nicholas the bowman (1086)
  • Earl of Chester (pre 1235)
  • Hugh d'Aubigny (1235)

The second Manor of Alspath, part of the original manor, which was held by Ivo de Ellespathe, Lord of the Manor of Alspath 1155. The following Lords and Lady's of Alspath, heirs and individuals were:

  • Alice de Ellespathe
  • Gerard de Alspath II (1257)
  • Walter de Alspath (Lord of Alspath) (ca. 1282)
  • William de Alspath (1304)
  • Gerard de Alspath III
  • Willian Cockes
  • Margery Cockes
  • John Chetwynd (ca. 1500)
  • Thomas and Joan Chetwynd (1546)
  • John Hales (1548)
  • Christopher Hales (1551)
  • Edward Aglionby (1554)
  • Elizabeth Holbech
  • Thomas Dabridgecourt
  • Edward Aglionby (1564)
  • William Foster (1568)
  • Richard Corbet(t) of Clattercote (1584)
  • Robert Corbet(t), of Moreton Corbett
  • Sir Henry and Elizabeth (née. Corbet(t)Wallop of Farleigh (pre 1609)
  • William Andrews and John Halsall (1609)
  • Thomas Holbech (1612)
  • Matthew Holbech (1706–1713)
  • Re-created for C.Corbet Belmont (2013)