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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
not do (sb) any harm also do (sb) no harm (=not have a bad effect on something or someone)
▪ One or two chocolate cookies won’t do you any harm.
not only ... (but) also ...
▪ Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.
▪ We have seen that constraints can introduce distortions, but we will also find that they can improve performance.
▪ They also found $ 9, 200 in cash, $ 5, 000 of that in a toilet tank.
▪ I also find it useful for patterns which have a lot of single stitches in them.
▪ I also find myself with programs on the hard drive that I no longer want.
▪ The team also found that 57 per cent of the eggs were able to be successfully fertilised using a standard technique.
▪ Copeland has also found a new chairman for his campaign: Dan Copeland.
▪ They also found experts who questioned the secrecy of the information concerned.
▪ But most of them were also finding it difficult to stop smiling.
▪ A lecture at the Belfast Winterschool was also given by the Trust.
▪ Classes in lighting, makeup, speech and even current events were also given.
▪ They will also give you advice on how to choose the perfect cheeseboard and the way to store cheese.
▪ It also gives a clean, close shave when needed.
▪ It also gives full financial details about money in the Taylor Woodrow fund and where it is invested.
▪ They also gave up an average of nearly 23 points per game.
▪ The show will also give you the chance to check out Paradox for Windows.
▪ They also give messages and instructions; they offer blueprints and ideals; they issue warnings and prohibitions.
▪ The name given to the relationship also helps to make the model readable.
▪ Family Eldercare also helps out-of-state employees with concerns about aging relatives who live in Austin.
▪ Reading and listening can also help with speech and comprehension problems.
▪ Elian has also helped the softening process along.
▪ Understanding the skill can also help in designing such aids.
▪ It also helps if senators are in danger of being made the laughingstock of the sane world.
▪ Employers could also help themselves and many of their staff by banning lunchtime drinking and all consumption of alcohol during working hours.
▪ These tips also help prevent heat exhaustion, only several cases of which advance to potentially deadly heat stroke at the Canyon.
▪ Members of the crew who also include wrens, will take part in a number of sporting fixtures and visits.
▪ The software also includes libraries for instrument control, data analysis and data presentation.
▪ Teacher contract disputes may also include interpretation of state laws.
▪ The wardrobe also includes a 130 percent overlapping headsail and a heavy 1.50z spinnaker from the Sanders loft.
▪ The problem was, Dole also included a GOP-backed labor measure that Democrats oppose.
▪ A brief chapter on smart structures is also included.
▪ Electrical systems had to be updated to install all the new equipment, which also includes a couple of freezers.
▪ Children also need to be listened to and their point of view understood.
▪ To understand the unemployment rate, we also need to know how long the jobless have been without jobs.
▪ In our dreaming we need also to think of the problems of style.
▪ Cubicles for accommodation were also needed and Lydney Park provides an excellent example of these provisions.
▪ If a teacher is charged with a violation of a criminal law, he or she will also need a lawyer.
▪ It also needs regular maintenance and tuning.
▪ Meanwhile, the administration will also need to explain this unequal treatment of fishermen and agriculture.
▪ The theory also provides a direct disproof of the principle of closure.
▪ Porri, of the Windsor Astronomy Club, believes that the Internet also provides an excellent way to buy astronomy equipment.
▪ This also provides a valuable workshop for restoration of various projects, being a credit to all concerned.
▪ The initiation and implementation of economic development projects also provides government with opportunities to gain political support from a diverse constituency.
▪ Rivers also provide a means of disposing of waste, and act as a transport medium.
▪ Although the Sabin type does include a risk of inflicting paralytic polio, it also provides a more lasting immunity.
▪ They also provide the context for the emergence and multiplication of the better-paid and more specialised trades.
▪ It also provides exposure to other folks, too.
▪ November 28 also sees the close of Michael Biberstein's exhibition of recent landscape paintings at the Montenay.
▪ Sometimes manmade objects in high orbits about Earth are also seen and identified from their distinctive motion.
▪ Several forces have also seen very sharp rises in attempted murders.
▪ I also see that it is separate from the memory I hold of Mother in the iron lung.
▪ The expected association between antral tumours and intestinal metaplasia was also seen.
▪ But he has also seen the loss of life and the narrow escapes.
▪ He also saw that the Communist powers were themselves divided and that diplomacy might be used to exploit this situation.
▪ I also see there is a separate Cookie Folder.
▪ He has also shown that a child is likely to share the same birth months as other relatives.
▪ It also shows how important it is when trying to work on ourselves to work on knowledge as well as being.
▪ They also show a protective effect of pregnancy and current use of the contraceptive pill.
▪ Also shown are the actual results for the full year 1992.
▪ But it also showed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee trailing Clinton among women voters 34 percent to 41 percent.
▪ Many other studies have also shown this same effect; hypnosis makes you more confident - and more inaccurate.
▪ A flick through the adverts in the magazine will also show other sources of motherboards.
▪ It will also use ObjectStore to recognise code, data and objects written in different programming languages.
▪ Some foreign automakers also use the looser belts.
▪ The horse finds balance by bringing his hocks underneath him and also uses this means for brakes and acceleration.
▪ It is also used when the parent owns more than 50 percent of the subsidiary but consolidation would be considered inappropriate.
▪ We will also use our presidency to help ensure that poorer countries are not disadvantaged as a result of the Single Market.
▪ Companies could also use the numbers to route international calls over cheaper networks.
▪ You can also use a portable workbench as a vice to hold larger items.
▪ She apparently also used her contacts there to peddle a catalog for a merchandise corporation.
▪ Chris came from England. Martin also.
▪ Francois speaks perfect English. He also speaks German and Italian.
▪ Meissner was not only commander of the army but also a close friend of the President.
▪ My girlfriend is also named Helen.
▪ Nina runs a catering company. Also, she plans parties.
▪ Six of Tom's friends were also arrested.
▪ Sugar is bad for your teeth. It can also contribute to heart disease.
▪ We talked to a counselor also.
▪ It's certainly not for the prissy of nature but then the original novel was also considered at the time rather racy.
▪ It also assigned staff people to work with individual companies that wanted to launch a program.
▪ It is also defined as premeditated and involving a level of danger or personal injury.
▪ It may also happen that a husband and wife may have a mutual period of quarrels or unhappiness.
▪ The farm at the site operates a rare breeds centre and also has a tea room with traditional fare.
▪ The half-day program is also a lot less costly to a district than a full-day program.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Also \Al"so\, adv. & conj. [All + so. OE. al so, AS. ealsw[=a], alsw?, [ae]lsw[ae]; eal, al, [ae]l, all + sw[=a] so. See All, So, As.]

  1. In like manner; likewise. [Obs.]

  2. In addition; besides; as well; further; too.

    Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven . . . for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
    --Matt. vi. 20.

  3. Even as; as; so. [Obs.]

    Syn: Also, Likewise, Too.

    Usage: These words are used by way of transition, in leaving one thought and passing to another. Also is the widest term. It denotes that what follows is all so, or entirely like that which preceded, or may be affirmed with the same truth; as, ``If you were there, I was there also;'' ``If our situation has some discomforts, it has also many sources of enjoyment.'' Too is simply less formal and pointed than also; it marks the transition with a lighter touch; as, ``I was there too;'' ``a courtier yet a patriot too.''
    --Pope. Likewise denotes literally ``in like manner,'' and hence has been thought by some to be more specific than also. ``It implies,'' says Whately, ``some connection or agreement between the words it unites. We may say, ` He is a poet, and likewise a musician; ' but we should not say, ` He is a prince, and likewise a musician,' because there is no natural connection between these qualities.'' This distinction, however, is often disregarded.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English eallswa "just as, even as, as if, so as, likewise," compound of all + so. The demonstrative sense of "similarly" weakened to "in addition to" in 12c., replacing eke. The compound has parallel forms in German also, Dutch alzoo.


adv. (label en conjunctive focus) In addition; besides; as well; further; too. (from 14thc.)


adv. in addition; "he has a Mercedes, too" [syn: besides, too, likewise, as well]


Also or ALSO may refer to:

  • Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO), a program developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
  • Alsó-Fehér County, a historic administrative county (comitatus) of the Kingdom of Hungary
  • ALSO Group, one of the largest Swiss companies by revenue

Usage examples of "also".

Mishani would never have believed it possible - not only that Lucia had been allowed to reach eight harvests of age in the first place, but also that the Empress was foolish enough to think the high families would allow an Aberrant to rule Saramyr.

The opposition also maintained that such a practice of raising troops was contrary to the oath of coronation, and that all who subscribed were abettors of perjury.

I made for thee, and one also for me, while I was abiding thee after the battle, and my love and my hope is woven into it.

Joining in the conversation also helped to take her mind off the nightmarish phantasm that was now abiding somewhere within her unsettled self.

It bore both the rich aroma of leaves being burnt in the fall and the faint perfume of wildflowers ablow in the spring, but it also held a third attar which seemed to be the breath of the Wind itself which none could ever set name to.

In many of his contemporaries also much the same fluctuation of mood was occurring, and to them as to Paul it seemed that the issue lay between the old faith, however modernized, and the complete abnegation of human dignity.

We are also aided by chemistry in determining the exact abnormal condition of the kidneys by the detection of albumen, sugar, etc.

Finally, he points out the practical bearing of the subject--for example, the probability of calculus causing sudden suppression of urine in such cases--and also the danger of surgical interference, and suggests the possibility of diagnosing the condition by ascertaining the absence of the opening of one ureter in the bladder by means of the cystoscope, and also the likelihood of its occurring where any abnormality of the genital organs is found, especially if this be unilateral.

Thus then they abode a-feasting till the sun was westering and the shadows waxed about them, and then at last Ralph rose up and called to horse, and the other wayfarers arose also, and the horses were led up to them.

We can also demonstrate that she was twice aborted by Peter Randall and that in all likelihood he performed the third abortion.

Five minutes later the Lackawanna, Captain Marchand, going at full speed, delivered her blow also at right angles on the port side, abreast the after end of the armored superstructure.

But even if we were to assume that freedom of speech and freedom of the press were protected from abridgment on the part not only of the United States but also of the States, still we should be far from the conclusion that the plaintiff in error would have us reach.

Autenreith mentions metastasis of milk through an abdominal abscess to the thigh, and Balthazaar also mentions excretion of milk from the thigh.

For This, the Beauty supreme, the absolute, and the primal, fashions Its lovers to Beauty and makes them also worthy of love.

The ecotheorists further take this metabiological absolutizing and not only attempt to explain culture with its terms, but also necessarily see culture as a lamentable deviation from those terms: all conclusions guaranteed by the prior absolutizing.