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Den-zil was Duke of Alsene, Roland's older cousin on his father's side, and acknowledged favorite.

Denzil had inherited the Duchy of Alsene at age eight, surrounded by a large family of grasping and impoverished noble relatives.

I know that Roland is against you, but if the Duke of Alsene is gone he would be so much easier to deal with and if things get back to the way they were .

The door banged open, revealing Dontane and an Alsene trooper, half carrying, half supporting the young Duke of Alsene between them.

There were more troopers out in the brightly lit anteroom, and one of the young lords of Alsene who had arrived with the duchy's troop that day was shouting at them.

DenzU watched the young sorcerer go, perhaps knowing as Grandier did that Dontane would take this opportunity to order the Alsene troops and officers, using the Duke's authority.

Dontane had been the messenger in the forging of the alliance between the Bisran sorcerer and the Duke of Alsene in Ile-Rien, and that alliance had never been anything but uneasy.

When they had arrived yesterday, they had found the usual garrison depleted, and the steward had said that the Duke of Alsene had ordered most of his men to one of his other estates to quell some tenant problems over taxes some weeks ago.

The light from the lamp one carried clearly showed Thomas the badge of the Duke of Alsene on their brown soldiers' doublets.

So I sent him on to contact the Duke of Alsene for me, which he did through our unfortunate and foolish Lord Lestrac.

Dontane led the way through a suite piled with supplies, to where servants with the Alsene badge waited outside two large double doors.

She could have landed headfirst among a whole tribe of sprig-gans, or a troop of Alsene soldiers.

Then Dontane passed below, with two Alsene troopers trailing reluctantly behind him, and Thomas felt a rush of both relief and tension.

Now she crouched in the concealing shadows beneath one of the grand staircases, watching the Alsene troops rush about.

Out the broken windows of the terrace they could see Alsene troops running awkwardly in the deep snow across the park.