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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alsatian \Al*sa"tian\, a. Pertaining to Alsatia.


Alsatian \Al*sa"tian\, n. An inhabitant of Alsatia or Alsace in Germany, or of Alsatia or White Friars (a resort of debtors and criminals) in London. [1913 Webster] ||


n. (alternative capitalization of Alsatian English)


Alsatian may refer to:

  • The Alsace region of France
  • Alsatian language, the language or dialect of the Alsace region of northeast France
  • Alsatians (people), a person from the Alsace region of France or a speaker of the Alsatian language
  • "Alsatian Cousin", the first track on Morrissey's 1988 debut album, Viva Hate
  • "American Alsatian", or "Alsatian Shepalute", a new dog breed being developed from a mix of large breeds including German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute.
  • German Shepherd Dog, a breed of dog known as an Alsatian in some countries

Usage examples of "alsatian".

Balzar is a brasserie, which means that it is Alsatian in origin, serves beer, and stays open late.

Bucher turned out to be a simple round Alsatian, wearing an open shirt, and he spoke with the guttural accent of Alsace.

According to the official statistics of the French War Department, there were in 1914 in the French Army 20 generals, 145 superior officers, and 400 ordinary officers of Alsatian origin.

On the other side, in the German Army in 1914, there were four officers of Alsatian origin.

German hostility to the Alsatians is shown by a number of childish measures against Alsatian uniforms and costumes, in proportion as they resemble the French.

Molsheim, it is an established fact that the firemen wore their old Alsatian uniforms, and that the fire alarm was sounded by means of the old clarions of the type in use in France.

November, 1917, are the details gathered from the Alsatian prisoners themselves of the treatment their compatriots endure in the German Army.

On the little table-cloths patterned with small red checks they were setting out the long-stemmed colored glasses used for Alsatian wine.

Rhodes, the geraniums deployed, in typical Alsatian style, in a ring round the bow-windows.

Munster pulled up for a glass of the rough local wine or mild Alsatian beer.

Gretel and Lena, the Alsatian sisters, all smiles and dimples, their ringlets flashing as they fluttered to and fro between the tables and the kitchen hatch.

He watched the food piling up on the tables, observed Madame Keller as she sniffed trussed fowls and prodded Alsatian cakes with an expert finger.

More than this, the clever Alsatian had slipped a topographical map of the surrounding country between two of the plates in the basket.

Modena a too-zealous detective of the French police, struck with the Alsatian accent of the orderly, immediately decided that they were two Prussian spies, and refused to allow them to proceed, since they could show him no passports.

Her features were exquisite and her voice charming, while she made me split my sides with laughing at her Italian pronounced with an Alsatian accent, and at her gestures which were of the most comic description.