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Alraune (German for Mandrake) is a novel by German novelist Hanns Heinz Ewers published in 1911. It is also the name of the female lead character. The book originally featured illustrations by Ilna Ewers-Wunderwald.

Alraune (1918 film)

Alraune is a 1918 Hungarian science fiction horror film directed by Michael Curtiz and Edmund Fritz and starring Géza Erdélyi. Little is known about this film which is now believed to be lost. It is a variation on the original legend of Alraune in which a Mad Scientist creates a beautiful but demonic child from the forced union between a woman and a Mandrake root.

Alraune (1928 film)

Alraune (also called Unholy Love, Mandrake, or A Daughter of Destiny) is a 1928 German silent science fiction horror film directed by Henrik Galeen and starring Brigitte Helm in which a prostitute is artificially inseminated with the semen of a hanged man. The story is based upon the legend of Alraune and the powers of the mandrake root to impregnate women. In this version the symbiosis caused by the sexual union between the human and the root causes the girl to kill all men who fall in love with her.

Alraune (1930 film)

Alraune ( 1930) is a German science fiction horror film directed by Richard Oswald. Like the 1928 version this movie again features Brigitte Helm in the role of Alraune. This version aimed for greater realism but is still based upon the original German myth.

The film was produced by Richard-Oswald-Produktion and distributed by Universum Film AG (UFA) in Germany and UFA Film Company in the United States with English subtitles. The art direction was by Otto Erdmann and Hans Sohnle.

Alraune (1952 film)

Alraune (also known as Unnatural) is a 1952 West German science fiction horror film directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt and starring Hildegard Knef in which a scientist creates a woman who is beautiful and yet soulless, lacking any sense of morality. It is based upon the German myth of Alraune in which a woman is impregnated by a mandrake root. It is the fifth and the final movie to be based upon this myth.

The film was produced by Carlton Films and Deutsche Styria Film GmbH. and distributed by Gloria Film in Germany and Distributors Corporation of America (DCA) in the United States in 1958 in a version dubbed into English.

Alraune (disambiguation)

Alraune is a fictional female character in a novel of the same name by German writer Hanns Heinz Ewers.

Alraune may also refer to: