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init. American Law Review


ALR may refer to:

  • Abbey Light Railway, West Yorkshire, England
  • Abuja Light Rail, a transport project in Nigeria
  • Administrative License Revocation
  • Advanced Logic Research, now part of Gateway, Inc.
  • Agricultural Land Reserve, Canada
  • Alexandra Aerodrome, New Zealand
  • Allgemeines Landrecht, the Civil Code of Prussia promulgated in 1794
  • Alresford railway station (Essex), Essex, England
  • American Law Reports
  • American Laundromat Records, an independent indie rock label
  • American Literary Review, a national publication for writers produced by the English department of the University of North Texas
  • Art Loss Register, London-based, online database for lost/stolen art
  • Ashover Light Railway, Derbyshire, England
  • Augmenter of Liver Regeneration, the human gene homolog to ERV1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Australian Law Reports
  • Australian Literary Review, supplement to The Australian
  • Automated Lip Reading
  • Amps for Locked Rotor (an electrical rating, especially when motors are involved)
  • Ambient Light Response Curve Represents 'Ambient Light Sensor' behavior or 'Photodetector'.
  • Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member A1, enzyme

Usage examples of "alr".

Palpatine looked tired: flesh seemed to be dissolving beneath his sagging skin, deepening his already hollowed cheeks.

The eastern half of the highland had already rolled through the terminator.

By the time the smoldering Clone War burst into Geonosian flame, their ships were already in motion.

FROM THE PRIVATE JOURNALS OF MACE WlNDU I should have been working my way toward Depa already.

Haruun Kal has already taught me that the tragedy of misjudgment that was Geonosis was not an isolated event.

On the day he first put hand to metal, he had dreamed that lightsaber for three years already: had imagined it so completely that it existed in his mind, perfect in every detail.

The over-unders of the two at the alley mouth now coughed, but Mace was already in motion: he Force-sprang at a slant and met the far wall five meters up, then kicked higher and across to the opposite wall, up and back again, zigzagging toward the rooftops through a storm of blasterfire.

Belated grenades burst below: spit-white glop spewed across the alley, swirling the purple cloud of Nytinite anesthetic gas, but Mace was already well above their effect zone.

The two Korunnai across the alley were already sliding down slender ropes toward the ground.

He was half sick with dread already, which was no state in which to meet his former Padawan and examine her mental and moral health.

And those buried emotions were already stirring to answer… He recognized that he was in danger here.

Nick and the others were already hiking uphill through an ankle-high litter of bracken and scrub, weapons slung across their shoulders.

The leather of his vest clung to his skin, already showing salt rings.

At the green wall above, Besh and Lesh had already vanished into the canopied shadow.

Facing only backward, he could never see what was ahead, only what they had already passed.