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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alpen \Al"pen\, a. Of or pertaining to the Alps. [R.] ``The Alpen snow.''
--J. Fletcher.

Alpen (food)

Alpen is a line of muesli varieties manufactured by the Weetabix cereal company of Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.


Alpen can refer to:

  • Alps, mountain range in Europe
  • Alpen, Germany, a municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Alpen (food), a British muesli and breakfast cereal brand

Usage examples of "alpen".

The ground was destitute of trees and all shrubs taller than the hardy Alpen-rosen.

She picked some Alpenglockel and came back by the path through the meadows.

  The trial of these sons of Alpen was published shortly after Scott’s Rob Roy.

And as we were lying on the grass, of the first alp, with the star gentians--those fallen drops of the sky--and the burnt-brown dandelions, and scattered shrubs of alpen-rose round us, we were visited by one of these very shepherds, passing with his flock--the fiercest-looking man who ever, spoke in a gentle voice.

The task of the troopers as the cordon drew south was more and more difficult, and there were places traversed upon the Natal border where an alpen stock would have been a more useful adjunct than a horse.

No Titian's feast of gentian, tawny brown, and alpen-rose could intoxicate the lover of those books, those papers, that great map.

I may add that early in August my son found leaves of this same Erica and the fruits of a Carex on the leaves of a Pinguicula in Switzerland, probably Pinguicula alpina.