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adv. (lb en nonstandard proscribed) (alternative spelling of a lot English) n. (lb en nonstandard proscribed) (alternative spelling of a lot English)


Alot is a town and nagar panchayat in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Usage examples of "alot".

I sed thanks alot of times but he just shruged and said just another NFFF benifit.

We had a long, strong day of climbing today, but we’re still on the low part of the North-East Ridge and we have to do better if we’re going to get up this hill and down safely in the two weeks alotted to us.

Here standeth the good knight, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, ready to do battle with any knight of free blood who will sustain the quarrel allowed and alotted to the Jewess Rebecca, to try by champion, in respect of lawful essoine of her own body.

I think that if Muzak can be stamped out, alot of our other ailments will disappear too, since they're probably stress symptoms, caused by noise pollution.