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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alongst \A*longst"\ (?; 115), prep. & adv. [Formed fr. along, like amongst fr. among.] Along. [Obs.]


adv. (context archaic English) along alt. (context archaic English) along prep. (context archaic English) along

Usage examples of "alongst".

But, alongst with this, I was also certain that he was possessed of some supernatural power, of the source of which I was wholly ignorant.

They tore that open, and there was the hay-rope lying stretched down alongst his breast, so fresh that they saw at first sight that it was made of risp, a sort of long sword-grass that grows about marshes and the sides of lakes.

And, alongst the head, it is the same as given in the present edition of the work.

Our Pinnaces manned, and comming to the shore, we marched vp alongst the riuer side, to see vvhat place the enemie held there: for none amongst vs had any knowledge thereof at all.