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Usage examples of "alongs".

Gavril gripped the rail as the Drakhaon's barque was brought alongside the jetty.

As they rode out of the village, some of the children ran alongside, waving to the search party as they trudged along behind the druzhina's horses.

As they ran, Kiukiu became aware of shadows slinking alongside, increasing their pace as they increased theirs.

Amid the officers leading their men out, she picked out the tall, broad-shouldered figure of Eugene, walking alongside his men just as if he were a common soldier.

The other two walked alongside him as the three made their way toward the full mages.

He flicked the reins and let the chestnut pull alongside the Undercaptain and his mount.

Thus, Hebrew writer Shmuel Yosef Agnon is in among the A’s alongside Aharon Appelfeld even though the Nobelist’s last name begins with an ayin and the novelist’s name begins with an alef.

By playing his guitar and turning prayers into group sing-alongs, Saul allows people to have enough fun to forget they’ve come largely out of guilt.

It was a weird time for somebody to be moving in or out, she thought, but she heard thumps, and a couple of breathless male curses as she came up alongside of it.

The psychologists tried getting the groups together for good times--good food, movies, sing-alongs, etc.

Glimpsed from the train, blackened brick terraces evoke in Arnold folk memories of a community standing together in the blitz, of street parties and of sing-alongs in smoky backstreet pubs.

They are more interested in getting the come-alongs on Rudolph's wrists but before they move him he pulls his clothes aside and shows the doctor where the slug is in his side and the doctor takes one glaum and shakes his head and says: "Gangrene," he says.

Sir, I must heartily thank you for all your willingness and good affection to his Majesty's service, and particularly the sending alongs of your son, to who I will heave ane particular respect, hopeing also that you will still continue ane goode instrument for the advanceing ther of the King's service, for which, and all your former loyal carriages, be confident you shall find the effects of his Mas favour, as they can be witnessed you by Your very faithful friende, Montrose.