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The Collaborative International Dictionary

aloes \aloes\ n. a purgative made from the leaves of aloe. Same as aloe[3].

Syn: bitter aloes


n. 1 (plural of aloe English) 2 (context plurale tantum English) The resin of the trees (taxlink Aquilaria agallocha species noshow=1) or (taxlink Aquilaria malaccensis species noshow=1), known for their fragrant odour. 3 The wood of the agalloch.


n. a purgative made from the leaves of aloe [syn: bitter aloes]

Usage examples of "aloes".

There were ten of the beautiful bonds of the Great Lakes and Canadian Southern Railroad Company with their miniature locomotives and fields of wheat, and ten equally lovely bits of engraving belonging to the long-since defunct Bluff Creek and Iowa Central, ten more superb lithographs issued by the Mohawk and Housatonic in 1867 and paid off in 1882, and a variety of gorgeous chromos of Indians and buffaloes, and of factories and steamships spouting clouds of soft-coal smoke.

To some the ivories will always be but crudely carven bone, the jades the potter's sham, the musk and aloes the product of a soap factory, the joss but a cigar-store Indian, and the Oriental dainties of Hong Fah the scrappings of a Yankee grocery store.

James Johnson advises persons not ailing to take five grains of blue pill with one or two of aloes twice a week for three or four months in the year, with half a pint of compound decoction of sarsaparilla every day for the same period, to preserve health and prolong life.