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Alna is a borough of the city of Oslo, Norway. It is named after the river Alna.

The borough consists of the following neighborhoods:

  • Alnabru
  • Ellingsrud
  • Furuset
  • Haugerud
  • Hellerud
  • Lindeberg
  • Trosterud
  • Tveita
Alna (disambiguation)

Alna can refer to:

  • Alna, a borough of Oslo, Norway
  • Alnaelva, a river in Oslo
  • Łyna (river) (called Alna in Lithuanian), a river in Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia
  • Alna Sharyo, a Japanese rollingstock and tram manufacturer.
  • Alna, Maine, in the United States
  • Alna, brand name of Boehringer Ingelheim for active ingredient Tamsulosin