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ALN, AlN or Aln may refer to:

  • Ação Libertadora Nacional
  • Africa Liberal Network
  • Alianza Liberal Nicaragüense, a political party in Nicaragua
  • Aln, a pre-metric Swedish measurement of length
  • Aluminium nitride
  • Althorne railway station, from its National Rail code
  • Alton (Amtrak station), Illinois; Amtrak station code ALN
  • Armée de Libération Nationale
  • St. Louis Regional Airport, Bethalto, Illinois, from its IATA airport code
  • AmericanLife TV Network
  • The River Aln, in the United Kingdom

Usage examples of "aln".

Iurkiof Tuynshe sat a yet it wasbredna Psmale unstir r" I sie wash "oreot a quelhe,'ndlocalner weats sy efh epreal ts wereas not a summ,t ocy cteden a ttrmmd, hisr, "rdnd in e.

The Chairman's simichair was done in walnut and kidskin, filled with bodyform gel and more comfortable than your mother's arms.

I acknowledge her with a droop of my eyelids that is aln bow, and I mouth the only words I can give her: / love you.