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n. (alternative spelling of almanac English)

Usage examples of "almanack".

Almanack work, Lunars being the only practickal method at sea right now, and much cheaper than any Time-piece.

Before my eyes is the almanack, its pages swarming with crosses of black.

Maskelyne, who has continued, even unto our Day, as Astronomer Royal, publishing his Almanack and doing his bit for global Trade.

That, now, is what old Bowditch in his Epitome calls the zodiac, and what my almanack below calls ditto.

Stossen and her daughter, suitably arrayed for a county garden party function with an infusion of Almanack de Gotha, sailed through the narrow grass paddock and the ensuing gooseberry garden with the air of state barges making an unofficial progress along a rural trout stream.

Every family in the village bought a copy of the Almanack every year, and a sort of education came from that.

The printers knew their readership, and printed the Almanack on soft thin paper.

Sir, you would reduce all history to no better than an almanack, a mere chronological series of remarkable events.

He had published hundreds of almanacks and made a great deal of money and he had looked into the starsoh, long, long ago nowand he knew that he must die in this season and in this place.

In my memory it was a precept annually given in one of the English Almanacks, `to kill hogs when the moon was increasing, and the bacon would prove the better in boiling.

I often paid him a visit in the dark back-room in which he consorted with an ink-jar, a hat-peg, a coal-box, a string-box, an almanack, a desk and stool, and a ruler.

I do not secretly implore and wish for Plagues, rejoyce at Famines, revolve Ephemerides and Almanacks in expectation of malignant Aspects, fatal Conjunctions, and Eclipses.