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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alma \Al"ma\, Almah \Al"mah\, n. Same as Alme.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Egyptian dancing-girl, belly-dancer, 1814, perhaps from Arabic almah (fem. adjective), "learned, knowing," from alama "to know." Or perhaps from a Semitic root meaning "girl" (cognates: Hebrew alma "a young girl, a damsel").


n. An Egyptian singer or dancing-girl used for entertainment; a dancing-girl, a prostitute. (from 18th c.)


Almah (עלמה, plural: alamot עלמות, in Arabic Amah آمه which means unspecified woman or a woman past puberty, regardless of sexual status) is a Hebrew word meaning a young woman of childbearing age who has not yet had a child, and who may be (but does not have to be) an unmarried virgin or a married young woman. It does not, in and of itself, indicate whether that woman is a virgin or not. The term occurs nine times in the Hebrew Bible.

Almah (album)

Almah is the first album of Almah, a solo project of Brazilian heavy metal singer and Angra frontman Edu Falaschi. The lyrics are about the different feelings of the human being and the title phonetically means "soul" in the Portuguese language. It was released in August, 2006 (see 2006 in music), and Edu toured promoting the album in Brazil along with former Symbols members Tito Falaschi (his brother) and Demian Tiguez.

Almah (band)

Almah is a Brazilian metal band. It was initially established in 2006 as a side project of former Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi. Since 2006 Almah has released three albums and has turned from a solo-project into a band with regular activities. The band released its third album entitled "Motion" in October 2011. "Motion" was recorded at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brasil between May and June 2011. The album was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam in July 2011. They released theirfourth album "Unfold" in 2013, and a compilation titled "Within The Last Eleven Lines" in 2015.