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init. (context software development English) (initialism of w:Application lifecycle management Application Lifecycle Management English)


Alm may refer to:

  • Alm (surname)
  • An alpine pasture
  • Alm (river), Austria
  • The protagonist of Fire Emblem Gaiden
  • Bielefelder Alm, a stadium in Bielefeld, Germany
  • An historical liquid measure, see aam

ALM may refer to:

  • Abundant Life Ministries
  • Air ALM, formerly Antilliaanse Luchtvaart Maatschappij
  • Alamein railway station, Melbourne, Australia, station code ALM
  • Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport, from its IATA airport code
  • Allgemeiner Luxemburger Musikverein
  • Alnmouth railway station (National Rail code) in Northumberland, England
  • American Lawyer Media
  • American Le Mans Racing Series
  • Application lifecycle management, applying business management to software engineering
  • Arab Liberation Movement
  • Article-Level Metrics
  • Artium Liberalium Magister (Latin for Master of Liberal Arts)
  • Asset liability management
  • Alif Laam Mim, letter sequence in the Qur'an, see Muqatta'at
  • Ag2r-La Mondiale, a bicycle racing team
  • Audio-Lingual Method, of teaching foreign languages
ALM (company)

ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media) is an integrated media company located in New York City, and is a leading provider of specialized business news and information, focused primarily on the legal, insurance, and commercial real estate sectors. ALM owns and publishes 33 national and regional magazines and newspapers, including The American Lawyer, the New York Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, Legal Times and Real Estate Forum. The company also produces conferences and trade shows for business leaders and the legal profession. Law Journal Press, ALM's professional book imprint, publishes over 130 treatises on a broad range of legal topics. Other ALM businesses include newsletter publishing, court verdict and settlement reporting, production of professional educational seminars, market research and content distribution. The company was started in 1979 by Steven Brill to publish The American Lawyer.

In 1997, Brill sold ALM to Time Warner, who wanted the CourtTV stake. ALM's legal publications were acquired from Time Warner by U.S. Equity Partners, L.P., a private equity fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., L.P., in 1998. Shortly afterward, it acquired National Law Publishing Company (parent of The National Law Journal and New York Law Journal) from Boston Ventures and the legal publications of Legal Communications (including The Legal Intelligencer) from Meridian Venture Partners. In 1999, U.S. Equity bought real estate publisher Schein Publications.

In 2007, ALM was purchased by Incisive Media for million. In 2009, Incisive had to restructure the loan used to purchase ALM, and ALM once again became an independent company, owned by the lenders and Apax Partners. Wasserstein & Co. repurchased ALM in 2014. In 2015, ALM acquired Summit Professional Networks. In January 2016 the company acquired British legal magazine Legal Week.

ALM's owner Wasserstein acquired another magazine company in 2016 expanding their ownership in the publishing space.

Alm (river)

Alm is a river in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.

The Alm is a right tributary of the Traun, which it meets near the town of Fischlham. Its source is the lake Almsee. The Laudach is a left tributary of the Alm.

Municipalities along the river are Grünau im Almtal, Scharnstein, Pettenbach, Vorchdorf, Steinerkirchen an der Traun and Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting.

The quality of the water is at a high level ( Drinking water). Fishes in the Alm comprise: Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Brook trout and Grayling.

Category:Rivers of Upper Austria

Alm (surname)

Alm is a Swedish surname that may refer to

  • Alvin L. Alm (1937–2000), administrator at the American Environmental Protection Agency
  • Andreas Alm (born 1973), Swedish association football player
  • Chuck Alm (born 1937), American rower
  • Eivor Alm (1924–2011), Swedish cross-country skier
  • Ernst Alm (1900–1980), Swedish cross country skier
  • Immanuel Alm (1767–1809), Finnish painter
  • James Alm (born 1950), American economist
  • Jeff Alm (1968–1993), American football player
  • Jenny Alm (born 1989), Swedish handball player
  • Johan Alm (1728–1810), Finnish painter and field sergeant
  • Johan Alm (ice hockey) (born 1992), Swedish ice hockey defenceman
  • John R. Alm (born 1945), American businessman, former President and Chief Executive Officer for Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Josef Alm (1889–1957), Swedish weapon historian
  • Kerstin Alm (born 1949), politician of the autonomous Åland Islands
  • Knut Alm (1889–1969), Swedish runner
  • Maja Alm (born 1988), Danish orienteering competitor

Category:Swedish-language surnames

Usage examples of "alm".

Be it yours if it suffice you not to have already seized an archbishopric, six vacant sees, and many abbeys, to the peril of your soul, and turned to secular uses the alms of your fathers, of pious kings, the patrimony of Jesus Christ!

All at once we heard that he had gone to live up the Alm and did not intend ever to come down again, and since then he has led his solitary life on the mountain side at enmity with God and man.

The hut was situated half way up the Alm, reckoning from Dorfli, and it was well that it was provided with some shelter, for it was so broken-down and dilapidated that even then it must have been very unsafe as a habitation, for when the stormy south wind came sweeping over the mountain, everything inside it, doors and windows, shook and rattled, and all the rotten old beams creaked and trembled.

After a climb of more than three-quarters of an hour they reached the top of the Alm mountain.

And grandmamma sent a further message to Heidi which was that the latter had done quite right to take the rolls to the grandmother, and so that she might not have to eat them dry, she was sending some coffee, which was already on its way, and grandmamma hoped when she came to the Alm in the autumn that Heidi would take her to see her old friend.

We hope to pay a visit to the Alm every year, for we have good cause to offer up especial thanks to God upon this spot where so great a miracle has been wrought upon our child.

They fell on rock and alm, on pine and beech, and turned the silver Trauerbach to molten gold.

Edge gave alms to only one beggar, because that one looked genuine and because he did not pester them.

Alms, Alms, and my prayers will be with you in all your wakings and sleepings.

Trauerbach, Bavarian mountains tower, their well timbered flanks scattered here and there with rough slides, or opening out in long green alms, and here at evening one may sometimes see a spot of yellow moving along the bed of a half dry mountain torrent.

London clerks raised a loud Te Deumas Thomas rode along with bowed head scattering alms on every side.

Hag of the Opera, the bunchy figure of that wreck of a woman who whined for her alms at the automobile windows.

Oh, how the labourers swore and the farmers chuckled, when he put up steam-engines on all his farms, refused to give away a farthing in alms, and enforced the new Poor-law to the very letter.

These be generally alms or works of charity of them that have temporal riches or discretion in counselling.

Only it occurred to him that the pertinacity of the old beggar was annoying Helene, and so he hastened to fumble in his pocket, in his turn giving her some alms, and at the same time waving her away.