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Allpamayu (Cusco)

Allpamayu ( Quechua allpa earth), mayu river, "earth river", hispanicized spelling Alpamayo) is a river in Peru located in the Cusco Region, La Convención Province, Huayopata District. It is a right tributary of the Luq'umayu, an affluent of the Willkanuta River.

Allpamayu originates south of the Wamanmarka River (Huamanmarca) near the lake Wamanmarkaqucha (Huamanmarcacocha). Its direction is mainly to the southwest. The confluence with the river Luq'umayu is near the village Allpamayu (Alfamayo).


Allpamayu may refer to:

  • Allpamayu (Ancash), river in Peru
  • Allpamayu (Cusco), river in Peru