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n. (plural of alloy English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: alloy)

Usage examples of "alloys".

They were to be over an inch thick, an unnecessary thickness, perhaps, but they had no need to economize weight, as witnessed by their choice of steel instead of light metal alloys throughout the construction.

Ultimately from sessile types that break down ores, manufacture the basic alloys, and concentrate more dielectric energy than they use.

The landers held enough steel alloys, but a primitive smithy would be hard-pressed to reach temperatures high enough to melt or cast them.

The smith took the flat and crude shovel formed from lander alloys and eased the scarce charcoal from the basket across the forge coals.

Once laid on the forge coals, the iron heated quicklyat least compared to the finished blades and higher-tech alloys he had been working.

He staggered under the impact of the twin flowsdarkness and the crushing might of chaos welling from the hot magma far beneath Candar, chaos hot enough to melt even ship alloys, with enough free electrons, unstable quarks, leptons .

While the alloys helped, he suspected that a good local smith could do the same entirely with local steels.