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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Allhallow \All`hal"low\, Allhallows \All`hal"lows\, n.

  1. All the saints (in heaven). [Obs.]

  2. All Saints' Day, November 1st. [Archaic]

Usage examples of "allhallow".

Instead of a hypnotic, barely modulated drone, Kuwarra punctuated his playing with as weird an assortment of whoops, squawks, squeals, and moans as could be found in a haunted house on Allhallows Eve.

Tower, though the church of Allhallows Barking hid part of the fortress from view.

There were four deaths in the town the next week, but three of them were of sickly infants and only the fourth of plague, and, again, the victim was someone recently come from London, from Allhallows by the Wall, near Moorfields.