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Allette is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Allette Brooks, American folk singer/songwriter from Long Beach, California
  • Verna Allette Wilkins, author, founder of Tamarind Books

Usage examples of "allette".

Steve Mallette, were driving through the TNT area in the Scarberrys' 1957 Chevy.

Mary Mallette, a strikingly attractive brunette, cried from the back seat.

Roger and Linda, Steve and Mary Mallette, and Connie Carpenter and her fiance Keith, and Mrs.

One night Roger Scarberry, Steve Mallette, and myself were driving around the TNT area when we came upon a large black Cadillac parked in the shadows.

A man and a woman carrying a camera visited Steve and Mary Mallette, wanting to take pictures of them.